Nursery Management

Top-Pruning Increases Survival of Pine Seedlings (1994)
Effects of Top-pruning on Survival of Southern Pines and Hardwoods (1997)
Nursery Seed Efficiency Can Affect Gains from Tree Improvement (1990)
Seed Efficiency in Southern Pine Nurseries (1986)
Effects of Plant Growth Regulators on Loblolly Pine Seedling Development and Field Performance (1991)
Effect of Nursery Culture and Bud Status on Freeze Injury to Pinus taeda and Pinus elliottii Seedlings (1993)
Germinant Sowing in South Africa (1994
A Comparison of Nursery Sowers (1985)
Seedbed Density
Excessive Rainfall
Excessive Rainfall at Ash Nursery (1983)


Weed Control in Hardwood Nurseries (1995)
Nursery Weed Control in the USA - Practice and Problems (1995)
Some Ways to Reduce Groundwater Contamination (1995)
Weyerhaeuser: Integrated Approaches to Developing Alternatives to Methyl Bromide (1995)
Lygus Bugs: A Worldwide Problem in Conifer Nurseries (1991)
A New Insect Pest of Pine Nurseries Identified (1993)
Weekly Herbicide Applications Prove Beneficial in Forest Nurseries (1987)
Weed Control With Herbicides or Fumigation at a Forest Nursery (1980)
Pine Straw Mulch Increases Weeds in Forest Tree Nurseries (1976)

Seedling Quality

Enhancement of Mycorrhizal Fungi (1992)
Growing the "Best" Seedling for Reforestation Success (1984)
Planting Morphologically Improved Seedlings with Shovels (1991)
Planting "morphologically improved" seedlings
Nutrient Deficiency Symptoms in Four Hardwoods (1979)
Extra Nitrogen in Pine Nursery Boosts Forest Wood Growth (1990)
Nutrient Content of Nursery-grown Loblolly Pine Seedlings (1985)
The Relationship Between Seedling Diameter at Planting and Long Term Volume Growth of Loblolly Pine Seedlings in East Texas (1989)


Practical Forestry by Gifford Pinchot Vol 1 (1903)
Practical Forestry by Gifford Pinchot Vol 2 (1905)
Planting Handbook by Floyd Cossitt (1939)
USFS Annual Planting report for 1936

VA Occasional Reports

27: Clay dipped vs. bare rooted
31: Cold storage
34: Exposure, clay treatment and storage
36: Effectiveness of an underground storage unit
39: Planting date study
40: Seedling grade
43: Effect of time in cold storage
44: Effect of freezing
45: Kraft bags vs. conventional packaging
51: Cold damage
50: Changes in seedling dry weight and top to root ratio
52: Root pruning
54: Seed sizing study
55: Simulated root wrenching
56: Seedbed density study
58: Undercutting, lateral pruning and top clipping
59: A test to induce earlier dormancy
63: Depth of planting study
64: Root pruned loblolly after long-term storage
66: Seedling soaking
71: Damage by an early hail storm
72: Undercutting study
73: Five sowing depths
80: Pine needle, wood chip and no mulch
81: Damage by an early wind storm
82: Root pruning white pine
83: Early planting, storage and late planting of white pine
94: Sawdust and nitrogen rates
104: Lateral roots extending from planting hole
105: Stripping lateral roots
110: Effect of mycorrhizae
121: Effect of nitrogen fertilization
122: Sowing clonal lots separately or mixed

BSSRC Papers

Tip-dieback in Loblolly Pine Plantations
Effects of Lifting Method, Seedling Size… 
Plant with Shovels
Deep Planted j-root or Shallow Planted I-root


Relative Growth Rates: A Critique (1995)
Tree Nurseries - Mother of Plantations (1995)
Forestry Ethics (1995)
The Impact of Genetics on Forest Productivity (1996)
Genetics and Seedling Improvements (1996)
Exotic trees unsatisfactory for AR and LA (1969)
Tree Size and Value Affects Pine Planting Density Decisions (1992)
Pine Seedlings Measured with a Low Cost Machine Vision System (1993)
Symposium on Nursery Management Practices for the Southern Pines
Why RGR Does Not Work

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