Meet the Staff

Several School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences faculty work with the Coop in the establishment of research projects, technology transfer, and publications. The amount of time each allocates to Coop activities is related to their own discipline and interest in nursery work.

Dr. Scott Enebak

Professor and Director
Tel: 334.844.1028
Fax: 334.844.4873











The Nursery Cooperative has one full-time Research Fellow and one Research Assistant that help with planning and conducting field and laboratory research. There is also a Postdoctoral Fellow that assists when needed.

Dr. Tom Starkey

Reserach Fellow IV
Tel: 334.844.8069
Fax: 334.844.4873










Nina Payne

Research Assistant
Tel: 334.844.4917
Fax: 334.844.4873











Dr. Ryan Nadel

Postdoctoral Fellow
Tel: 334.844.1538
Fax: 334.844.4873











The Nursery Cooperative has one full-time technician to assist in research and technology transfer programs including experiment layout, establishment, and measurement.

Barry Brooks

Technician II
Tel: 334.844.4998
Fax: 334.844.4873









The Nursery Cooperative also has a half-time Outreach Assistant who assists in budgeting, meeting arrangements, newsletter publications, mass mailings, graphic design, and other outreach objectives. This position also helps to maintain an archive of Nursery Cooperative publications, the membership directory, and the website.

Elizabeth Bowersock

Administrator III, Outreach Programs
Tel: 334.844.1012
Fax: 334.844.4873









Last Updated: February 8, 2016

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